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Historic Military Installations in Macau

Macau is best known for its casinos, but be sure to visit these historic military installations too.

Mount Fortress
Built in 1617-26, occupies a hilltop to the east of the ruins of St. Paul's. It was constructed by the Jesuits as part of a complex which also included the college and church of St. Paul′ s. The canons were used only once, when the Dutch invaded Macau in 1622.

Guia Fortress and Lighthouse
Built in 1637-38, occupies the top of Guia Hill, the highest point in Macau. It was designed to defend Macau from attacks from the sea, but because of its position overlooking the entire city, its chief value has been as an observation post.

Moorish Barracks
Designed in 1871 by the Italian architect Cassuto to accommodate the Indian policemen.

Old City Walls
Built in 1632; the city was already well protected in the north, east and south with strategic military constructions.

Fortress of S. Tiago da Barra
Completed in 1629 on the site of an older cannon battery, Barra fort successfully protected the bar at the entrance to the Inner Harbour against the Dutch in 1622.