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Gardens in Macau

Macau is best known for its casinos, but be sure to visit these gardens too.

Casa Garden
First built in 1770, originally the villa of a wealthy merchant then the English East India Company and residence for taipans.

Luis de Camoes Garden
A memorial garden dedicated to Louis de Camoes, a famous Portuguese poet who lived four hundred years ago.

Comendador Ho Yin Garden
Features the Orient Arch and provides a quiet retreat with tree-shaded benches and tables for chess players, landscaped shrubberies, bamboo groves, a playground, and a small cafe.

Dr. Carlos d'Assumption Park
From Avenida de Amizade to the bronze Kun Iam statue features secluded arbours, avenues of palm trees, a children's playground, fountains, and ornamental ponds.

Garden of the Arts
With flower gardens, fountains and statuary providing a pleasant, traffic-free walk back to the downtown area between the Cultural Centre and Hotel Lisboa, always along the water front, enjoying a changing panorama of Macau.

Flora Garden European
Located at the base of Guia Hill which was formerly the grounds of the Flora Palace, an aristocratic Portuguese mansion.

Garden of Montanha Russa
is a quiet retreat in the north of Macau, next to the New Protestant Cemetery. The name 'russa' comes from the Chinese word for a snail, which describes the small spiral path that winds up to the top of the hill.

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden
Considered as the most Chinese-looking of all of Macau's gardens. It was built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ieoc in 1906.

S. Francisco Garden
Located next to the pink and white S.Francisco barracks and Military Club, the garden consists of flower beds between wide paths which lead up to a fine double stone staircase. On the upper level is a round tower built to honor the combatants of the First World War.