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Churches in Macau

The Portuguese established the city of Macau in 1557 to be a trading post and a bastion of Christianity as well. Thus from the very beginning the fledging town was called "City of the Name of God ".

Immediately, the first priests started to build Catholic churches, initially of wood and matting, soon of rammed clay, and later of stone and plaster from the mid-17th century onwards.

Here's a list of churches in Macau that should be part of your itinerary:

Ruins of St. Paul
St. Paul's Mother of God Church was a 16th-century cathedral in Macau. Now, only the fašade remains but it's still worth a visit.

Macau Cathedral
Built in 1576, it was originally a small wooden structure.

St. Dominic Church
Located in the middle of Leal Senado plaza of Macau. This yellow and green Church is considered by many as one of the most beautiful churches in Macau.

St. Joseph Seminary Church
a favorite subject of artists, this beautiful church was opened in 1758 as part of the Jesuit seminary of St. Joseph.

St. Francis Xavier in Coloane
A small chapel built in Portuguese color schemes of cream and white serves as background for classical oval windows and a small bell tower.

St. Lawrence or Sao Lorenzo
Has a rich interior that features wooden ceiling in turquoise, white and gold beams, intricate woodwork and hanging chandeliers.

Guia Chapel and Lighthouse
A 17th century building and forms part of the Guia Fort; the altar of Guia Chapel has an image of the Virgin and a painting of St. John the Baptist. The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow.

St. Augustine Church
The facade was originally of Baroque style but the existing facade is more neoclassic dating from 1874.

Penha Church
Built in 1622 the chapel was erected by the crew and passengers of a ship which had a narrow escape from the Dutch pirates.

St. Anthony (Sao Antonio)
Considered as the very first church built in Macau. The original church was built in 1588 though the present church dates back to 1930.

St. Lazarus or Sao Lazaro
The Hermitage of Our Lady of Hope, also known as Santo Lazaro, was first built on this spot in 1570 outside the walls.

St. Michael Chapel and Cemetery
The pastel green and white walls and beautiful stain glass windows makes this a very charming chapel.

St. James Chapel
A tiny chapel built in 1740 inside the former Barra Fort which is now an architectural part of the Portuguese inn or Pousada.

St. Joseph the Worker
Has a side that faces China that resembles two opens arms as welcoming the Chinese to come to meet and to know Christ.

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Overlooking the big garden in front of the Church is huge bronze crucifix over the north door.

St. Francis (Parish) Church
The interior is simple and tranquil with a modernist black marble altar. Windows open to pleasant courtyards and gardens.

Carmel Church
Built in 1885, this church stands on a hill overlooking Taipa, Cotai and Coloane at the far distance.

Fatima Church
Located in the industrial Bairro Tamagnini Barbosa in the north of Macau. Fatima Church is a contemporary Catholic Church built in 1968.

Morrison Chapel
Located near the Protestant cemetery where British and American graves recall the days of trading and naval presence in Macau.